Exploring living organisms evolution and history of the interlocking. Their interaction, transformation and mutation and, as a consequence, the origin of life.

Materials used: 14 karat gold, black vintage silver & white milk silver, hot enamel.

Black Hole

Inspired by Black Holes, one of the greatest mysteries of modern astrophysics, which appear when a massive star goes supernova.

Materials used: black vintage silver, 14 karat gold.

Coral Shadow

Petrified corrals were used as moulds in the ‘Coral Shadow’ collection. Forms and textures of each piece of jewellery in this series are unique, much like the corals that inspired them. And if you gaze upon them long enough, you will see the quiet stillness and tranquillity of the ocean’s deep...

Materials used: black vintage silver, white milk silver, 14 karat gold.

Forged elements of blackened silver and smooth surface of gold. Combination of these two opposites gives birth to a new matter comprising a continuous and inexhaustible stream of energy.
Materials used: black vintage silver, 14   & 24 karat gold.


Infinity lines. Interweaving lines, their spirals and weaves symbolize the infinity of space, its continuous change, evolvement and transformation.

Materials used: black vintage silver, white milk silver, 14 karat gold.


Supergravity, supersymmetry and gravity are the basis and inspiration of the SUGRA collection.

Unique esthetics of this jewellery rises from the combination of virgin gold and fine silver, brutal rough diamonds and rough black-smith’s work.

Each piece of jewellery gives rise to the strongest vibrations and demonstrates the power and energy of such different materials synergy.

Materials used: 24 & 14 karat gold, fine silver, diamonds.


Сollection brings up the question of the author's role in the art objects creating process during technical reproducibility era.

Can objects created by machine be considered as art pieces?

Materials used: resin, black vintage silver.


Using a form of the reinforcement for the jewelry design, disposing excessive details and focusing on the hard core – the groundwork, the author unveils the modern world crisis and the need to go back to the roots, reassessing values and norms.

Materials used: resin, black vintage silver.

Flowers of war

War is when you wake up from rocket explosions. When you are afraid of powerlessness that you cannot stop it. When tomorrow may not come because the Russian soldiers are shooting in your direction.

Materials used: textile, steel.


Renovation is research of the Soviet Union jewellery heritage. Epochs of socialist utopia and odious faceless stamping.

Practically every family box has such jewellery. Those objects have no value due to the mass production, but has a special value as part of personal and family history.

Materials used: 14 karat red gold, silver.


This collection dedicated to Ukraine and the courageous struggle of the Ukrainian people against terroristic russian aggression.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Everyone is entitled to life, liberty, and security.

Everyone deserves to be happy.

But there is a force that is determined to conquer everyone. Terror and dictatorship.

Faced with this force, the only way to preserve freedom is collective resistance.

The resistance for a free life.

Materials used: titanium, silver, steel.